Meet Arabella

Arabella's Adventures is based on my daughter, Arabella. She is an inquisitive child, full of energy, sass and willing to learn new things! She is passionate about her ipad and all things technology; being able to safely browse the internet, create learning outcomes on her device, share her learning on safe learning platforms and much more! 

When I first thought of the idea of a technology themed picture book, a colleague actually suggested using Arabella as the main character! Of course I was going to go with that! She as well was honoured to be named as the main character and found it all quite exciting! 


About Me - The Author


I'm Jordan!

A passionate educator from New Zealand! I currently teach Year 3 students in a rural school in Taumarunui. I love all things digital and am always looking for ways to up skill. 


I'm a google innovator

I was part of the #SYD19 Google Innovator Academy where Arabella's Adventures was first created in answer of my project. This was an incredible time and I was really pushed out of my comfort zone. 



I also have my own website where I share tips, tricks and resources for teachers all across the world.