What is Arabella's Adventures?

Arabella's Adventures is a series of technology themed picture books that target key ideas, concepts and learning opportunities for junior students with digital technologies. This has steamed from my Google Innovator project that was created in Australia at #SYD19 Google Innovator academy. 

We all know teachers are busy people and find it hard to juggle everything that they we in the day!  From reading, writing, cleaning, behaviour, children needs, reporting, assessment and more! It really can be tricky fitting it all in. Now that digital technologies is becoming more and more important and included in our teaching contexts, it can be hard to ensure our students are learning those key skills they need! That is where Arabella's Adventures come in!

The aim of Arabella's Adventures is to help remove teacher input with technology teaching and leave it up to students. These themed picture books will each be around a technology topic or idea (e.g. safe searching on the web, device care, learning on a device, password safety etc) and have activities to consolidate the learning from the books. An easy, fun and engaging way for students to learn these skills, leaving teachers free to put their time and effort into other learning areas!